Rayyan Islam

A former Wall Street investment banker, Rayyan Islam provides “edutaining” wisdom to AlleyWatch readers from a youthful-heart-wise-mind perspective. Rayyan’s passion to positively change the world has brought him to become a traveling tech entrepreneur, venture capitalist, Google Glass developer, writer, and co-founder of a Los Angeles-based public relations firm. When he’s not consulting start-ups or watching Dallas sports, the young executive and fashion connoisseur cooks, reads and partakes in adventure sports with friends.

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LegalWatch - Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk announced that Tesla will be utilizing an 'open source' philosophy to their large patent portfolio (pictured above, now taken down) and that they wouldn't pursue any legal action against anyone using...
Op-ED - The science fiction of the Information Age isn’t fiction anymore.We’re at the peak of human civilization thus far. We are more interconnected, technologically advanced, and educated than ever before, and the pace of...

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